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Silk Cookbook: Edition 03

Graphics by Caitlin Currie, Sophie Zhang, Sunshine Leeuwon, Catherine Liu, and Jessica Ouyang

Recipes by Sandra Tsang, Anna Ranabijuli, Catherine Liu, Ira San Andres, and Brinda Prasad

We're back with the third edition of our Silk Cookbook project! Be sure to check out our first edition and second edition too ;-) The theme for this issue is desserts! We hope these yummy recipes spark some inspiration (or nostalgia) within you.

Please tag us (@silkclubatx) with pictures of your recreations! We would love to see what y'all cook up in the kitchen <3

Mango Sago: If you love mango, this dessert is for you! It's creamy, fruity, and refreshing - perfect for a summer day.

Khir/Kheer: A sweet Indian dessert that is delicious and delicately flavored. Sitting down with a bowl of this wet pudding after a spicy and hearty meal is sure to satisfy you!

Tanghulu: A super quick, easy, and sweet snack to have! This Chinese candied fruit dessert can be made with virtually any fruit you have on hand.

Brazo de Mercedes: This traditional Filipino meringue roll is a delight to share with friends and family. The soft and pillowy meringue and rich custard filling make this dessert heavenly to bite into!

Mangalore Buns: If you have some overripe bananas lying around, this recipe is perfect! These deep-fried buns are fluffy and mildly sweet, and they can be enjoyed for breakfast or found as a common street-side snack in India.


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