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Silk Club ATX Presents: Spooky Szn

Written by Vannida S. Kol

At last, October has arrived. She makes her way through the limbs of trees, across the bustling city streets, and down the old brick chimneys, to settle herself in our homes.

You, too, walk with autumn. Leaves gleam gold before they are stolen by the wind. Heat rises in spirals from coffee cups. Acorns fall to kiss the pavement, over and over again. You reacquaint yourself with your favorite sweater, its threads unraveling, the fabric pilling.

The night seems more eager to greet you, and as the days pass, your shadow becomes the most familiar part of your body.

It’s October and something mysterious, yet magical, is in the air. This is the “Spooky Szn” playlist. Tonight, we dance with ghosts.


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