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Looking Silky: A Lookbook

Graphics and captions by Vyvy Le  | @vyvy.le_ on Instagram | Irene Sibi | @irenesibi on Instagram | Ace Phan | @highlightzace on Instagram

A subtly Western take on the lehenga - a shawl wrapped like a scarf, a frilly blouse, and metal jasmines, along with a rejection of the notion that solely long, straight hair is beauty.  

The signature collar of the sherwani is something I’ve always wanted to see on a feminine-presenting person.  Limiting such an elegant garment to just men curbs its potential.

This Ao Dai represents the strength and beauty of the women in my household. I paid homage to the lotus in this design because when in bloom they’re nearly as beautiful as my family.

 I drew three outfits that I wear whenever I want to present as gender-neutral! For me, fashion reaffirms my gender expression.


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