About Silk Club

Silk Club is an organization for Austin-based self-identified Asian American women, non-binary, and genderqueer folks to collaborate on projects that celebrate our experience. It is a space committed to validating and empowering intersectional identities, building creative opportunities, and fostering connections between different Asian communities. Since its inception in January 2018, Silk Club has hosted and participated in a number of community events and programs in addition to creating and developing the QUIET! zine. 

QUIET! is a bi-annual zine that features photography, writing, art, design, and other creative works about Asian and Asian American experience. As Asian women, non-binary, and genderqueer folks, our stereotypically introverted demeanor has been used a means of belittlement and ridicule. In an attempt to both unlearn and embrace this given identity, our collaborators reflect on many aspects of Asian and Asian American life. Within a social justice and feminist framework, our goal for the QUIET! zine is to highlight and empower Asian creatives, create a space for marginalized voices, and provide a creative outlet for members of the community. 

Silk Directors

Pronouns : She/Her

Sign : Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon

Currently : Neuroscience + Sociology at UT Austin


Gracelyn Prom
Creative Director

Pronouns : She/Her

Sign : Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon

Currently : Undeclared at UT Austin

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Catherine Liu
Assistant Creative Director

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Pronouns : She/Her

Sign : Cancer Sun, Sagittarius Moon

Currently : Health & Society, Health Communication + Queer Studies at UT Austin


Abby Ong

Editing Co-Director

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Pronouns : She/They

Sign : Capricorn Sun, Libra Moon

Currently : International Relations + Global Studies at UT Austin


Hanna Noorzaie
Editing Co-Director

Pronouns : She/Her

Sign : Capricorn Sun, Libra Moon

Currently : Human Development + Family Sciences at UT Austin


Supriya Anand

Editing Co-Director

Pronouns : She/Her

Sign : Libra Sun, Gemini Moon

Currently : Accounting + Media Studies at UT Austin


Emi Rinkliff
PR Director

Pronouns : She/Her

Sign : Libra Sun, Leo Moon

Currently : Management at UT Austin


Anna Ranabijuli
Events Co-Director

Pronouns : She/They

Sign : Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon

Currently : International Relations + Psychology at UT Austin


Elyzia Mustafa
Events Co-Director

Pronouns : She/Her

Sign : Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon

Currently : Human Biology, English + Healthcare Communications at UT Austin


Fariah Mahmood
D&I Co-Director

Pronouns : They/Him

Sign : Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon

Currently : Advertising + African and African Diasporas Studies at UT Austin


Mayel Williams
D&I Co-Director

Pronouns : She/Her

Sign : Leo Sun, Libra Moon

Currently : Advertising, Business + Queer Studies at UT Austin

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Sandra Tsang
Managing Co-Director

Pronouns : She/Her

Sign : Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon

Currently : Government + Business at UT Austin

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Kelly Miau
Managing Co-Director

Pronouns : She/Her

Sign : Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon

Currently : Content Curator at Google via Vaco + Board Secretary at Interfaces

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Kristina Nguyen

 Alcheska Nonot • Anita Chan • Ashwara Pillai • Gia Poblete • Ira San Andres • Jessica Ouyang • Julia Kang • Lisa Pham • Miles Nguyen • Rae Nguyen • Ren Daley • Sophie Zhang • Sunshine Leeuwon • Tiffany Ha • Tiffany Huang • Yiru Ouyang

Creative TEAM

Anish Pandya • 

Anne Dang • Jah'laynah Craion • Joanne (Jo) Navales • Judy Ngo • Jun Shen • Katherine Lam • Lauren Nguyen • Meghan Nguyen • Nivrithi Kuttuva • Safa Michigan • Samia Arni • Sara Acuna • Sofia Chang • Tanvi Oswal


Jacky Zhu• Lauren Nguyen • Mackenzie Jung • Star Apura • Theresa Pham • Vy Ta Truong




Alcheska Nonot • Anish Pandya • Caitlin Currie  • Laura Yon • Pixie Tomacruz • Safa Michigan • Sunidhi Jain • Taryn Lam

Anushka Solanki • Arushi Sinha • Jacky Zhu • Pixie Tomacruz  Sabrina Sha • Samia Arni • Star Apura • Vy Ta Truong