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Silk Cookbook: Edition 02

Graphics by Gracelyn Prom, Lindsey Nguyen, Brinda Prasad, Audrey Webb, Ira San Andres, Julia Kang, and Sandra Tsang

Recipes by Brinda Prasad, Kelly Miau, Audrey Webb, Gracelyn Prom, and Stephanie Kim

We're beyond excited to share the second edition of our ongoing Silk Cookbook project! Be sure to check out our first edition if you missed it ;-) the theme for this issue centered on simple and easy dishes to indulge in. We hope these recipes spark some inspiration (or nostalgia) within you.

Please tag us (@silkclubatx) with pictures of your recreations, or send us one of your own recipes to be featured in the next edition <3

Samosa Chaat: A popular Indian street food that will leave your mouth watering with its spicy and tangy charm! The perfect dish for sharing with family, friends, and loved ones that will satisfy everyone's cravings.

Onigiri: Simple, quick, and easy. What more could you ask for? These Japanese rice balls are great for snacking on. With so many tasty filling options, go traditional or get creative with some new flavor combinations!

Kimchi Jigae: This spicy stew hits the spot on a cold, rainy, or gloomy day. Get warmed up and refreshed with your first spoonful.

Bor Bor Pot: A traditional Khmer corn porridge dish that can be made both savory or sweet. Enjoy this creamy and subtly sweet dessert version on a cozy night in.

Froggy Boba: Be warned, you may become emotionally attached to your little froggies. Feel free to use this dish as an excuse to momentarily forget about your responsibilities!


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