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Recap: QUIET! 01 Zine Release Party

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Left to right: Ashley Link, Holly Herman, and Ana Navel. Photo creds: Kiana Fernandez

By Rochelle Friedewald

Last Saturday (04/21), Silk Club hosted its very first lil shindig to celebrate the release of our very first zine, QUIET! It was a lot of firsts, a lot of fun and a lot of very late, very silky gay asians congregating at Cheer Up Charlie’s.



The Glamourous Hibah Shafi. Photo creds: Kiana Fernandez

The mood was…….Serving!™ Looks, plates of bulgogi and kimchi, drinks, all that. Dress code was silky and suggestive, and our silk babes did not disappoint. Luckily our photographer Carlos Reyes was there to capture the style magic in our Silk Club photo booth.



It wouldn’t truly be an Asians-supporting-other-Asians event without all our amazing, Asian-owned and operated businesses. We had Emily No Good sticking our babes with cute flash pieces, Master Donuts and Squee Macarons serving up kawaii sweet treats, Androgynymph Jewelry, 1950 Collective, and Wire Things selling their creative creations and Mom’s Taste coming through with yummy homemade Korean tastes.

Mom’s Taste delicious plate. Photo creds: Kiana Fernandez

Emily No Good Tattoo with Lily Gonzalez. Photo creds: Kiana Fernandezc

If Asian-owned businesses is something you don’t think to purposefully look to give your money to, consider this: according to Census Bureau data, Austin Asian-owned businesses has grown over 142% in the last decade, but make 19% less than their counterparts. What does that smell like…? Racism. Put your money towards the community, friends!



Nothing could properly sum up the show-stopping Belladonna performance. But we will say this, Belladonna earned her tips and then some. Her makeup skills, stage presence,

and general fabulousness was almost too much - not to mention her cute shoutout to her very adorable and down-to-party mom who emerged from the crowd to tip the queen.

(Bella Donna Serving™. Photo creds: Kiana Fernandez)



Perhaps the best part of the night was when we took the time to celebrate what we started Silk Club for in the first place - to amplify and empower our voices.

Left to Right: Camille Park, Kristina Nguyen, and Ashley Yen. Photo creds: Kiana Fernandez

The crowd quieted as the much-anticipated “We Are” video debuted. Made by Silk babe Sarah Tang, the video featured a powerful reading of one of our pieces from QUIET! And powerful corresponding imagery reflecting various Asian American experiences. Afterwards, the beautiful Quyen Nguyen recited their own piece from QUIET! Being able to hear the voice behind the poem was so intimate and beautiful.

Camille Park. Photo creds: Kiana Fernandez

Quyen Nguyen. Photo cresds: Kiana Fernandez

It was almost freeing to hear our concerns and vulnerabilities addressed so openly in this busy Austin bar rather than in whispers to our closest confidantes or just within our own heads. It was space for our culture. It was a space where we could be unapologetically loud, angry, loving, and most importantly, be ourselves. It was exactly what we have been always waiting for since before we all could remember. It was community.

Polaroid pic of some silk babes. Photo cred: Kiana Fernandez

To stay in the know about all Silk Club happenings, follow us! Our Twitter and Instagram is @silkclubatx and our Facebook is! Make a donation on Venmo if you’re feeling up to it @SilkClub <3

If you’re interested in working for Silk Club, keep your eyes peeled - applications for next semester open soon!


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