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Watermelon Rinds

Written by Keana Saberi | @keana_saberi and @baranpoetry on Instagram, Keana Saberi on Twitter and Facebook

Graphic by Catherine Liu | @jxsosknx on Instagram | Catherine Liu on Twitter and Facebook

watermelon rinds

this was the complexion of summer I desperately sought

yet watermelon had lost grasp of its youth

ruminated in some maturity that was not one of wisdom


divine red

white wine - slow descent into the grasps of what lingers in your mind the

past melding into the present

peach embraced by sun, then the light seized like a ill-fated lover’s touch

pink complexion of the start of love

descending into the characters of orange and yellow

vines I’ve looked upon throughout growing up

chart my growth in the space between their tendrils

watermelon rinds lie like skeletons in the grass

mosquito sting

aftermath of my first love

my days exist in between kaleidoscope shards

the shades between defined color and new colors I’ve formed in the balance the extremity

tell me if you know whether I’m asleep or awake

walking or wading in halcyon mingled with hurt

mediocrity strikes fear in my bones

I’m unsure myself

I sit in the garden and feel time wither, renewal and ruin all at once soaking in the sunlight or stealing sonnets of times past

this was the complexion of summer I had desperately sought so why does the sun slash my skin without remorse


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