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Recap: QUIET! 03 Zine Release Party

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Written by Adriana Rezal

Photos by Casey Tang

Photo Booth Photos by Tanvi Sehgal

Silk Club directors Sandra Tsang and Ashley Tran debuting the QUIET! 03 zine


The Silk Babes got together again at Cheer Up Charlies to celebrate the third issue of the QUIET! zine. The release party took place on a steamy Friday night (4/19/19), featuring dance and drag performances in addition to fun activities and amazing raffle prizes. There were even a couple of surprises that left us throwing dollar bills while shedding happy tears.


The night started with a dance routine by the Bollywood Fusion girls dance team, Texas Mohini. The ladies radiated BLACKPINK vibes - not just because their outfits were black and pink - but because the choreography was precise, the attitude had sass, and the girls-group vibes left the audience feeling empowered.

Texas Mohini starting the night off with an amazing dance routine

Later in the night, performances from our favorite Queens, Belladonna, Mai Ho, Anita Hug, and a stunning dance performance by Hen, amped the crowd’s energy as wigs and dollar bills went flying. Mai Ho and her big blonde wig served us a sexy southern belle look with a Kacey Musgraves “High-Horse” routine. Her cowboy hat and wig may have flown, but her horse-riding definitely did not.

Queen Mai Ho dressed to impress in a classic cowgirl look

Anita Hug started her performance with a spiritual flower offering to cleanse the energy of the stage space. She raised a paper umbrella over her head and was showered with flower petals and glitter that resulted in ooh’s and aah’s from the crowd. The ooh’s and ahh’s were soon replaced with screams and snaps as she lowered the umbrella to reveal “FUCK YOUR SUPREMACY” written in red. Anita Hug destroyed the umbrella and carried on with a dance routine that, of course, was flawless. Like the remains of the Supremacy Umbrella, she left us in shambles on that stage.

Queen Anita Hug basking in the remains of the broken Supremacy Umbrella


We were not ready when our one and only Executive Director Kristina Nguyen announced that the time had come to announce the much-anticipated surprise: a LIP SYNC BATTLE! The Queens danced their asses off for the grand prize of Bragging Rights. Belladonna's powerful hair flips and flawless acrylic nails had the crowd cheering while Hen dropped down and did the splits as dollar bills flew onto the stage. Both Mai Ho and Anita Hug’s wigs came off, but the crowd was too distracted by the clouds of glitter and bright blue thigh-highs to notice or care. After the lip sync battle, we all thought the surprises were over for the night until Silk Club's Creative Director Camille Park made an unexpected appearance all the way from San Francisco which brought out a lot of happy tears.

Silk Club co-founder Camille Park reuniting with Kristina Nguyen and Yahshel Macapagal


In addition to the performances and many surprises, a lot of fun activities were going on. People were getting stick n’ poke tattoos from Kerrington Cai, taking cute pics in the photo booth by Tanvi Sehgal, and getting their tarot cards read by Cassie Williams. Miaukenzie was also drawing portraits, and there was a table for zine-making and crafting. Here's a sneak peak of some Silk Babes being adorable!


Before Hen’s routine, they thanked Silk Club for creating such a safe space for people to be their true selves. Whether it’s in the QUIET! zine, in meetings, or at the release party, Silk Club is a space where you can really be yourself and celebrate the truest version of what makes you you. Thank you to the Silk Babes for their continuous support and love. Stay in touch for future events and exciting announcements by following Silk Club on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. As always, stay silky!


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