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Editing Committee Spotify Playlist

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Written by Editing Committee

Graphic by Supriya Anand


Sharing songs has been a big part of Silk Club for the past few years. Members have gone deep in their own collection of favorite tunes and curated playlists for each other. The editing committee has been adding songs to a shared committee Spotify playlist for the past few semesters, and this semester the committee wanted to share a few songs that have recently been close to our hearts and what it means to us.


Katherine: “Calone” by Tiffany Day

This song is a groovy/bedroom pop/indie?/feel-good song about her reminiscing about her man that's not really her man ~~lmao~~ these lyrics are kind of cheesy but the song is good!! One thing that I usually look for in songs is the background stuff (have no idea what it's actually called LOL) but the beat and the layers really mix well together. I also like the fact that said background music doesn't overpower the singer itself (who happens to be a small Asian-Canadian artist around our age!! I always love supporting small poc female artists :p. The rest of her discography is pretty good as well but this song really stuck out for me!

Sara: “Out of the Blue” by DOWOON & Song Heejin

For the playlist I added ‘Out of the Blue” by DOWOON & Song Heejin, and it's basically about looking back on your past on how much you've grown to have reached this point in your life seemingly "out of the blue". He's the drummer of Day6, which is one of my favorite groups, and this is his first single as a 'solo' artist.

Hanna: “Different This Time” by Cornelia Murr

‘Different This Time’ by Cornelia Murr is the ultimate fall song. It’s so sad but hopeful, and makes me want to slow dance in a room by myself. She's singing about wanting to try again with someone, and basically doubling down on why she cares about them. The sound is spacey and dreamy, as she wonders what a future could look like with this person. This song really makes you believe how beautiful second chances can be.

Supriya: “Lift” by Skullcrusher

Sandra (Silk’s managing co-director) and I host a radio show where we make playlists that are associated with a certain color + memory. One of my favorite parts of doing the show is that we don’t tell each other what the color or songs mean to us until we are live on the air. The reactions I have to her songs are true to the moment. Sandra played ‘Lift’ in early October this year, and I had a visceral reaction to it. Neurons that hadn’t been connected before started to zap together in my brain. My favorite parts of the song are how it swells up and down, the layered harmonies, and the banjo. I remember looking straight for about a minute soaking it in and immediately asking about this song. It reminds me of growing pains and new beginnings and I felt comforted in that moment when I first heard it.

Judy: “Sunscreen” by Nathanie

The song for me represents how I sometimes idealize love. I wish for love to be everlasting and unconditional but I know that can't always be the case. However this song gives me that hope, that there will be someone that is going to be there for me always and be the first to be there like how I would try my best to do the same. The lyrics push towards a more non-platonic meaning of love but I think it could apply to platonic love as well.


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